Online Discussions for Deeper Thinking

I recently had an unplanned absence from my classroom for an entire week. Although I was going out of town, I knew there would be down time allowing me to work remotely. Naturally, my biggest professional concern was what to do about my class. My high school seniors would certainly enjoy the unscheduled time, but I didn't want to lose momentum in this sustainable public policy course.


Getting Past Perfect

The stances we take as teachers can lead to ongoing growth in our practice — or frustrations and even failure. Getting past perfect in our stance toward technology integration is key.

How I Went from Handouts to Online in just 25 Years

Twenty five years. That's how long I've been teaching. And I barely hand out any paper at all these days. And I know quite a few other teachers are in the same place. But it didn't happen all at once. OK, it didn't really take 25 years. But I wouldn't recommend trying to go paperless in … Continue reading How I Went from Handouts to Online in just 25 Years