Online Journaling

The ongoing nature and quick feedback of online journaling can provide a rich, ongoing feedback loop between teacher and learner.


Getting Past Perfect

The stances we take as teachers can lead to ongoing growth in our practice — or frustrations and even failure. Getting past perfect in our stance toward technology integration is key.

Ditch that Textbook!

Ditch that Textbook is an excellent read for teachers at any level with any amount of experience. Matt Miller has many good tips and suggestions, and his philosophical insights provide useful adjustments to "old school" methods, as well as for newbies who hope to emulate that incredible university lecturer from junior year. Miller's major focus … Continue reading Ditch that Textbook!

Top Ten Reasons to Use Canvas, Greeley’s New LMS, Now!

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that Horace Greeley High School has adopted Canvas, as its new Learning Management System (or LMS). What's an LMS? Glad you asked! An LMS is a digital platform that helps instructors organize all of their materials, share and provide access to these. It's also … Continue reading Top Ten Reasons to Use Canvas, Greeley’s New LMS, Now!