Ditch that Textbook!

Ditch that Textbook is an excellent read for teachers at any level with any amount of experience. Matt Miller has many good tips and suggestions, and his philosophical insights provide useful adjustments to “old school” methods, as well as for newbies who hope to emulate that incredible university lecturer from junior year.

DitchThatTextbookCoverMiller’s major focus on technology is appropriate, but not overemphasized. Those who aren’t tech-savvy yet may feel overwhelmed while reading all of the wide-ranging tech-dependent ideas presented. If you count yourself among the tech-challenged, take comfort knowing that you can come back to this book again and again to try more new ideas over time. Highlight and margin-note away!

While the Ditch That Textbook title is catchy, this is NOT a programmatic outline of moving away from textbooks, per se. Each idea WILL move your practice away from the traditional, “Turn to page 237” approach to teaching.

But if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide, this isn’t it. Ditch That Textbook is a collection of ideas which can be sifted through and cherry-picked according to your taste, available time and resources.

Thoughtful and innovative student-centered teaching is happening at more and more of our schools. Matt Miller’s Ditch That Textbook is a quick and easy read to help move us along toward engaging, meaningful student learning.

Have you moved away from your textbook? What have you substituted for textbook reading and/or resources? What difference has it made in your students’ learning?


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